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Consider these advantages...

Your food dollar buys nutrient rich meat, not fat, skin or bone when you invest in emu.

Emu possesses a mild flavor and will readily accept your spices, garnishments, and sauces.

Shorter cooking times than most meats and lower temperatures are used with emu. Serve it rare to insure tenderness. Emu meat will retain some of its deep red color when fully cooked.

There is very little shrinkage when cooked. You may choose to begin with 3/4 the quantity if you are substituting Emu for beef.

Emu may be used in any recipe calling for lean red meat. So you may enjoy your favorite red meat dishes and feel confident in the benefits of emu.

Did you know…

View emu meat nutritional chartFarm Raised Emu is:

Cooking suggestions . . .

Since emu meat is low fat, it loses moisture quickly and is best when cooked to a rare or medium rare doneness (145º to 160º F internal temperature as measured by a meat thermometer). Emu meat will retain some of its deep red color when fully cooked. Some of the moist tenderness will be lost if cooked to a total brown color.

Emu burgers

Emu meat adapts well to many recipes. Because of its mild flavor, emu meat accepts most seasonings. It responds especially well to sweet marinades made with honey, soy sauce, ginger, lemon juice and garlic.

Grilling on a barbecue after marinating is an excellent way to bring out the succulent taste of emu meat.